We have known Wendy Herrick for about twenty-five years. We engaged her to help us sell our first house and find us a new one, in the early nineties. She was (and is) professional, knowledgeable, and caring. It seemed that nothing was too much trouble and she worked diligently to ensure our satisfaction. Over the years we have recommended her many times and Wendy has facilitated successful real estate deals for other members of our family. Earlier this year, we started thinking about purchasing an investment property and called on Wendy, again. At that time, we were introduced to Wendy’s partner, Stephen Postings. When Wendy was otherwise engaged, Stephen would take us to view properties and advise us. Wendy and Stephen make a great team and compliment each other well. Buying and selling real estate can be frightening and overwhelming. It is comforting to have professionals on your side who represent you and your best interests. Thanks Wendy and Stephen.
- Tammi & John

We had the privilege of listing our house with Steve and Wendy. I can't speak highly enough about their professionalism, attention to detail and incredibly effective sales technique. The strategy they employed and their complementary marketing and sales techniques were hugely successful. The resulting offers and sale came in at substantially more than I had imagined possible. To top it all off, they introduced us to a great Real Estate lawyer, and arranged all of the final details for us. Thank you, Steve and Wendy.
- Nick & Sarah

We moved to the Island 5 years ago from overseas. Wendy Herrick and Stephen Postings helped every step of the way. Not only did they help us find the house of our dreams, they also introduced us to a wonderful community. I guess the best words to describe these magnificent real estate professionals would be caring, patient and thorough. They listened to our needs, did their utmost to negotiate successfully the purchase on our behalf, and they covered every possible concern regarding the municipality, the bylaws, and the home inspection. Wendy and Stephen know the local housing market and the trends due to their combined extensive experience in the area.

As a consequence of the deep trust we have in Wendy and Stephen, we chose to rely on their expertise and deep understanding of the local market when it came time to buy an investment property as well as an apartment for our son. We will continue to rely on Wendy and Stephen to acquire additional properties in the future.
- Nancy & Knut

There were several reasons for choosing Stephen Postings and Wendy Herrick to work with me to sell my property in Sidney. They brought two different perspectives and experiences to the whole process. Their appreciation of my home and the enthusiasm and positive approach they brought to their work was impressive. Everything from the appraisal, photography, listing and the showings were well organized, and handled sensitively and easily, with lots of support and encouragement for me; including some suggestions to increase the potential of my home. I am grateful to not have to sell often, but if it had to be done again would be very comfortable working with Wendy and Stephen again
- Bunny K.

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